On EarthEdit

At the Base of operationsEdit

In the Training RoomEdit

Instructor: Hey maggot! Don't close your eyes!

  • the darkness dissapears and a blinking effect is shown

Instructor: You gotta continue working! After this is a short briefing over your new mission, but before that a special training seession. Defeat these creatures first(explaining how to attack etc)

  • In front of you some small critters, appear, goblins, 5 of them, you use nothing but your fist to fight them after you defeat them, the instructor gives you a weapon, a pistol and 10 goblins appear and then your mission is kinda over*

Instructor: Don't worry, I'll explain to you why you just did that training match

Briefing RoomEdit

Instructor: Maggots, you gotta pay attention, you had great results in the army and have been through a small test, to see how scared you get by a few...critters, those were goblins! and now I will show you the place where your mission will take place, as you know, you accepted a 2 years mission in a certain place,*he turns on a 3D holo-projecter and there images of a fantastic places are shown* this is..."Fantasia Pankosmia", the fantasy world. ...THIS is where you will be going!(epic music playing)*he briefs them about their mission, to help colonize that world*

In the humveeEdit

Instructor: I guess you're ready for it, we've almost arrived, you guys should be happy that you're participating in this project, we've sent some people there, but never tell the creatures that we can return to our world since they don't know it, if they did, they would want to come and visit our world, just like we did with theirs, and look, at that*he points at a large contraption* that is what you will use

  • they walk to it and talk and then the guys enter it and dissappear on the other side*

In the Made Up WorldEdit

To Make later