Fighting Mech
Title: "Mech"
Profession: Fighting
Class: Advanced Technology
Weapon: Assorted Weaponry
Affiliation: Humans

Fighting mechs are machines used by humans to fight monsters.


Fighting mechs are roughly 5 meters (around 15 feet) tall They are heavily armored and often hold heavy weaponry such as machine guns and missiles. Many are light and dark gray in color, though some have different coloring due to differentiate between rank and affiliation. The pilot of the mech sits in a concealed area inside the chest of the machine.

Abilities and WeaponryEdit

Even without weapons, mechs are quite powerful due to their strength and size. Despite their large build, they are surprisingly agile, though often not as fast as the beasts. Even unarmed, mechs are capable of taking down some beasts bare-handed, using their clawed hands to dismember opponents.

However the true strength of the fighting mech depends on the skill of its pilot; without an experienced pilot, even the best mech will be worthless.


The standard outfit for most mechs is a triple machine gun on each arm, as well as any other weapons a mech can carry. Common weapons include grenade and rocket launchers, as well as bladed weapons in some cases. Some mechs have even been outfitted with artillery cannons or missile racks for more destructive tasks.


Many mechs have been redisgned or modified to fight in many different terrains, depending on the kingdom using them. For example, many mechs have been designed to fight underwater in order for combat near the Water Kingdom.

Elite Mech

There is also a type called the Elite Mech, which is smaller (around 12 feet, or 4 meters). It is much faster than the standard mech, and is generally only used by experienced pilots. It is also better at close combat.